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Many people are concerned that the standard of their tap water at work or home is not good enough for drinking. The installation of a filtered water system can be particularly desirable in situations where a large amount of water is consumed each day and where bottled spring water may not be the most cost effective approach to take, or where there is limited space to store bottles.

The advantage of dealing with Alpha is that we deal in both filtration and bottled water, so we can help you look at the relative costs and benefits of each option, and we can advise you on the best course of action to take.

Our filtration systems are available for offices and homes, and remove contaminants from your drinking and cooking water. The units are available as filtration units (ready to dispense chilled, room temperature or hot water) or as installed units which fit compactly under a sink, with only a neat faucet on display.

Why choose an Alpha Water Filter system?

Quite simply, our water filters offer outstanding filtration and reliability. Our filtration systems eliminate:

• Lead
• Chlorine taste and odour
• Giardia Cyst
• Sediment
• Ammonia
• Rust and cloudiness

For all Water Filter enquiries and orders please call the Alpha Water team on 02 9518 3544.
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