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Crystal clear, refreshing water - bottled at source
Our spring - which has been owned by our company for more than 16 years - originates deep in the lush forests of Mangrove Mountain on the New South Wales Central Coast.

Best of all, our water is bottled at its source - unlike many of our competitors who ship their water via chemically-treated tankers to be bottled far away.

100% Natural

Our springwater contains no artificial chemicals or preservatives and is very low in sodium and high in minerals - making it a smart and healthy choice for you to enjoy!


Typical analysis:
PH 5.5
Bi-Carbonate 4.8
Sodium 4.6
Chloride 4.5
Calcium 3.3
Potassium 1.9
Magnesium 1.2
Phosphate 0.06
Fluoride 0.05
Nitrate 0.04
Iron 0.04

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